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Before your potential client decides to do anything, they first begin by searching on their mobile phone or computer. The top website and app used for this search are Google Maps and Yelp. As a business owner, your very first response to your client's search behavior is to make it very simple for them to find your website.  You can position the website in top rankings through the use of (SEO) search engine optimization. The is no other form of marketing you can have in your business where your business shows up above all others as a solution to your client's problem at the exact moment they are searching for a solution.

The reality is most companies who do not show up at least on the first page do not exist to those clients. Think about it; Facebook is the third most visited website in the World. Yes, you heard me correctly ... World.  But what do people go to Facebook for? Do you think they go to see if their local lawyer has a Facebook page? I highly doubt it. Even YouTube, the second most visit site. It is visited by clients who want to be entertained or learn how to do something.

Social Media websites are incredibly powerful SEO marketing tools for long beach companies, but only when you understanding the mechanism of how the internet organizes information do they become useful. A common mistake business owners make in an attempt to tap into this power is to view social media channels as advertising channels. Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, and snap chat are not adverting channels. They are social tools for people to connect to other people, not companies. For ranking purposes, what we want is a Link from these sites that search engines determine as important. Also content on these channels needs to be highly valuable to for the audience. In most cases, the audience will be young teens to adults in their 30's. They will not be in the frame of mind to search for solutions. Only in Google will you find the most relevant traffic to your business.

As a business owner, you have to market your business. There is no question about it. The questions are “where is the best places" and "how much" to get the maximum return on investment. The typical rule of thumb about a marketing budget is 30% of your business income should go back into the firm for marketing. It can be tempting to just focus on advertising activities but not smart marketing. By advertising, I'm referring to offline advertising activities. For example, You pay a hotshot designer to do a custom logo design for your company. Next, you take that design and pay $80 bucks to print flyers, $30 business cards.

Now you need to put those printed adverts into your client's hands. Do you pay someone or use your precious time doing it yourself? Either way, it is a large waste of time and money. Not only are you in hopes that they will think of your business when they need you vs. just searching on their phones.

All successful marketers can agree that marketing is done right is when a business delivers the "right message" to the "right persons" at the "right time." The Yellowbook was the medium that fit that modality. According to CRM Associates, "the average Yellow Pages ad brings in more than 80 calls annually for about $800, or a cost of $10 per call. A national display ad averages more than 235 calls per year at the cost of $28 per call, for a total cost of $18,800 annually"(Wagner, 2016). When people had a housing problem, they would look in the yellow book to find a plumber to call. Google is like the yellow book but massive and more powerful for both, the buyer and cheaper for business in the long term.

The buyer does not have to thumb around a large list of companies only what the medium determines the most relevant based on a location of the searcher and what specifically they are looking for. This relevancy of search is what Google is all about. This approach has led them to become the 800-pound gorilla marketing medium.

As a business owner, you can get in front of those people searching for a relevant website at the exact moment of need. This creates the environment needed for them to be more likely to convert into a customer. No other marketing medium does that. A close second is buying AdWords ads but people know it's an ad, and you don't own that spot you share it with others.

The point of all this is that Search Engine Optimization for a business can be the king of all advertising mediums. You can save thousands of dollars a month just focusing on organic traffic methods that we specialize in.  Getting BeRankWorthy SEO involved in your online marketing needs is one of the best business decisions you can make.  We do premium SEO work for our clients. There is no competition when you work with us.

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